Daniel Lassman from The Apprentice UK Series 10 in 2014

DL – The Apprentice

Who is Daniel Lassman?

Born in 1986 to Michael and Deanna Lassman, Daniel Lassman is a British entrepreneur and former contestant on series 10 of The Apprentice UK. He is married to Sophie Stoll.

Daniel was one of the most popular contestants on The Apprentice, where he was known for his weekly clashes with other contestants and Lord Sugar, the UK’s version of Donald Trump (though infinitely less of a creep). Though he didn’t win The Apprentice, what separates Daniel from the other contestants is his self-described sales acumen. After not making it as a professional footballer because of injury, Lassman was forced to hustle and work in the family business as a market trader. It’s this sales experience and entrepreneurial spirit (and probably a few nights out on the town) that lead him to found his Weekly Quiz company, the leading pub quiz company in England.

Weekly Quiz has been mighty successful for Mr. Lassman, as his wedding budget reportedly ballooned from £20,000 to an estimated £200,000. Some have questioned whether he’ll blow his entire fortune, when he spent £30,000 on a night out on the town and £130,000 on a Ferrari.

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PS. The thought of having Donald Trump on this website makes me sick.