About Daniel Lassman

Originally born in Boston, MA, I have lived a majority of my life in Boca Raton, FL. It’s weird. Up until recently I’ve resisted the urge to call myself a Floridian. Boston was always my home even though I only lived there for seven years of my life. Maybe it’s because most of my best friends live here, or maybe because I fell in love and married Ms. Chelsea Greenwood. But it’s probably that I love all of these things (especially my wife!) and they have made me who I am.


Olympic Heights Community High School, Boca Raton, FL, Class of 2000

Going to high school at Olympic Heights was incredible. After a few years apart from my best friends, who went to different middle schools, we all came together again to live out some of our most formative years. Some of the most special, and challenging, times were spent on the football team, where I was the varsity kicker and punter for my sophomore through senior years. Everything about being a kicker is as you’d imagine. It’s lonely, stressful and incredibly difficult work. Countless hours off the field revolve around a few five second plays on the field. Because of those experiences I’m better at handling pressure, and criticism, and I’m able draw so many lessons from my time on the practice field and in the game.

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, Class of 2004, BS in Exercise and Sport Science

Choosing to go to the University of Florida wasn’t easy. I had a girlfriend who decided on the University of Central Florida and I even had my dorm room picked out. But a few months before prior to the start of classes I took one last trip to both schools to make my final decisions. My mom and I drove to UF to take in the sites, tour the campus and experience the city. On the way home we stopped in Orlando to see UCF and visit Universal Studios. I didn’t even need to get all the way home to know that UF was the place for me.

After a few semesters and a few majors, I settled on majoring in Exercise and Sport Science with a focus in Sports Management. This degree combined my loves for science and business. I got to take anatomy and physiology while taking finance and accounting. Not easy! But the education has served me well and loved the classes I took. They lead me to some incredible experiences working in the sports industry.

St. Thomas University, Miami Gardens, FL, Class of 2007, Masters of Business Administration

Graduate school wasn’t something I initially planned. However, after getting sick and being unable to commit to a full time job, I decided to enroll in the MBA program at St. Thomas University where I focused in Sports Administration. At the time I thought I wanted to continue my career in sports and this was the perfect next step. I loved this program, particularly the director of department, Jan Bell, and worked especially hard to do well in my classes. I graduated in 2007 with a 3.7 GPA and I couldn’t be more proud. Surprisingly, it was more satisfying than my undergraduate degree; probably because I knew that was it for me and school.

Work Experience

I began my career with internships at the University of Florida, United States Olympic Committee, Boston Red Sox and Florida Atlantic University.  I parlayed this experience into a career in marketing and branding with Cell Science Systems, where I spent two years, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, where I spent three. In 2013 I became a Search Engine Marketing Analyst at Cendyn.

On the weekends you can find me on the golf course, playing racquetball, going to the beach, working out in the gym or watching the Discovery Channel.

More to come in this section…