I started P90X two and a half weeks ago and I’ve already lost about 7 lbs, increased the number of pushups, pull ups and sit ups.  My energy level has increased and a few people at work have said I look more fit.  I hate to sound like a commercial but it really does work.

On a side note, at what point did I go from being an athletic 185 lbs and able to run a 5:30 mile to being 205 lbs and hardly able to do 15 pushups?  Is that what happens when you graduate college?  Or does it happen when you tear your ACL?  Click HERE to see a picture of my one-week-post-surgery knee (It’s not gross, I promise).

Anyway, I feel pretty good.  I can only imagine how I’d feel if I followed the program 100%.  The diet is pretty difficult and I’m having a hard time keeping up with it.  However, if you eat healthier, increase your protein, cut your bad fats, increase your good fats, cut the extra carbs (in the first phase), increase you water intake and cut the refined sugars, you’ll be just fine.