A few things

I’m sitting in the Fort Lauderdale airport waiting to travel to San Francisco for my nephew’s first birthday. I am so excited for this trip! In addition to the birthday party at a local park we’re taking a road trip, possibly to Maverick’s at Half Moon Bay.  I’ve always been a fan of surfing so it could be a real treat to see those waves…not a chance in hell of me picking up a surf board there.

This trip also drums up a little emotion about some things I won’t get into here.  However, if you know me well you probably know what I’m talking about.

I’m really hoping this trip will recharge my batteries.  Work has been tough lately and I need to take a deep breath. I’m so “go go go” that I often forget to just relax.

Finally, a few coworkers and I are going to start the p90x workout program.  I’ve got a bunch of friends who have tried it and have gotten in great shape.  I’ll be blogging about it as we progress.

More updates from San Fran…